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Rhubarb Butter Tarts

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Given its national distribution and historical staying power, rhubarb should take a place with salmon and maple syrup as one of our national-level foods. We are into the heart of rhubarb season, and I am finding all sorts of ways to slip this sour treat into pies and crisps. Last night I stewed some with onions and made a salad, …

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The Beavertail

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The Beavertail donut might not be made from Canada’s iconic and hardworking little dam builders, but it is a tasty treat that has spread nationally and then globally in a short period of time. I was in Ottawa last week to give a Walrus Talk, and I had enough extra time to spend a little time in the Byward Market …

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Prince Edward Island potato fudge

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One of the stranger foods I found in my travels around Canada was Prince Edward Island potato fudge. This confection uses potato to replace the dairy in a traditional fudge recipe, and gives the fudge a light and fluffy texture, without leaving a taste of potato. I’m not a real fan of fudge, but this one was nice in moderation, …

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The origin of birthdays

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My birthday was two days ago, and I managed to celebrate a little even though I had to give a final exam. Most of the celebrations involved food, and I started thinking about how odd birthdays are. Why do we celebrate them, and where did these rituals come from? It turns out that birthday celebrations arose in Greek and Roman …

Changes to the ALR: An exercise in bad timing

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Agriculture in California is in trouble.  Nearly 95% of the state is in a severe drought condition, and 71% is in an extreme or exceptional drought condition. Farmers are leaving fields unplanted as there simply isn’t water to raise a crop. As the drought drags on, farmers are going bankrupt, and recovery to pre-drought levels is beginning to look unlikely. …

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Thai food in rural Canada

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I grew up in rural coastal British Columbia, and every now and then I like to sneak back to the Sunshine Coast for a weekend away from city life. It was a bit rainy today, but I still managed to sip coffee by the beach, take in the misty forest air, and I even managed to spot a golden eagle …

Regional mass market products: Pineapple Crush

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One of the strange oddities of the modern world is the way in which giant global corporations market certain products only in specific regional enclaves. I’ve met many a Canadian who pops across the border to pick up a beloved “only in America” brand, and Canada is dotted with stores reselling British brands, Japanese brands, and just about anything else …

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Small batch cider

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Canada is in the middle of a craft alcohol revolution. Across the country people are distilling great spirits, pushing forward with interesting wines and beers, and even growing the raw materials, such as hops. However cider is just starting to appear on the radar in Canada. Cider has a bad reputation in this county as a bulk soft drink style …