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Salmon in the city

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Still Creek meanders through Burnaby and the eastern edge of Vancouver, and isn’t exactly going to inspire any romantic poets anytime soon. It is a scrappy creek, disappearing in and out of culverts, channelized, buried, and surrounded by blackberry vines. However, as only one of a very few waterways remaining in the city, groups have been pouring labour into the …

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Food and fun at the PNE

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I haven’t been to the PNE in many years, but when they offered free admission for a couple of hours on Tuesday to make up for Saturday’s closure due to a power outage, I couldn’t resist. Free? I can’t say no to that! It was a perfect chance to check out what is new and exciting in fair food, which …

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Newfoundland poutine

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Last night we braved the crowds to watch the first evening of the 2013 Celebration of Light. My approach to viewing the Vancouver fireworks involves checking the tide tables, sauntering down twenty minutes before the show, and then climbing out onto a nice rock on the edge of Stanley Park, a spot that is somehow never very busy. The tide …

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Exotic coffee by the sea

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I love coffee, and judging from the number of coffee shops in the city, most of Vancouver does as well. On most mornings our household starts off with a few bodums of French press coffee, made with freshly ground beans and water just a little cooler than boiling. I also love exploring Vancouver’s ever changing array of coffee shops, which …

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Abbotsford annual farm tour

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I had the privilege of participating in this year’s Agriculture Bus Tour sponsored by the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, and it was an exciting and eye-opening demonstration of why Abbotsford is the agricultural capital of Canada. Farming and agribusiness provides over eleven thousand jobs in the region, and adds 1.8 billion dollars each year to the local economy. What is …

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Bees in the city

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I was walking along Semlin street a few days ago when I stumbled across a literal hive of activity; a busy colony of honey bees. The keeping of bees is a very old activity; the Egyptians kept bees in reed hives, and even ferried the bees up and down canals to pollinate crops. The Romans were avid apiarists, as honey …

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I fly for pie

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My research takes me over a pretty wide swath in the Fraser Basin, and so I often find myself driving through Chilliwack, though I rarely leave the freeway there. However last week I had a meeting in that town and I had a little time to kill, so I decided to check out the Airport Coffee Shop at the Chilliwack …