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Rhubarb squares

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Canadian cuisine relies heavily on seasonal food, which makes this point in the year a point of anticipation. We know that Spring is out there somewhere, but for the moment the snow is still flying, the rains are still lashing the West Coast, and fresh seasonal foods are still a few months away even here in Lotusland. At this time …

Maple quinoa pudding

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Recently I have been writing about broadleaf maple syrup and also about quinoa, and so it was a nice surprise to find them together at the Harbour House Hotel. Located in Ganges, BC, the hotel strives to provide excellent meals that are as local as possible, all year long. They are lovingly restoring a portion of the original Crofton farm; …

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Vancouver Winter Farmer’s Market

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It may still be winter, but the days are rapidly getting longer and Spring isn’t far off. For cooped up Vancouverites desperate to get outside, the Winter Farmer’s Market at Nat Bailey Stadium is a nice place to get psyched up for Spring. I headed over last weekend to remind myself that a winter farmer’s market can have a lot …

Broadleaf Maple Syrup

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I’m a huge fan of maple syrup. Nothing quite says Canada to me like a stack of waffles or pancakes covered in butter, syrup, and some fresh berries. I’m not alone; “sugaring off” is one of the most popular food rituals in Eastern Canada. People flock to rural sugar shacks to walk on the woods, watch the sap being boiled …

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Comfort foods: Cherries Jubilee

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This time of year when the rain and darkness envelops the coast, I like to spoil myself with a nice late night treat. I will admit, however, to being rather jaded by the current crop of desserts being half-heartedly served by restaurants these days. I’m sick of foams, sick of chocolate lava cake (which is about as subtle as a …

Food and the common cold

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My food adventuring is on hold right now, as I have a terrible cold complete with cough, sore throat, runny nose, and general nastiness. The symptoms suggest I am being visited by my least favourite of Earth’s creatures, the rhinovirus. I am particularly susceptible to these little nasty creatures, and working at a university doesn’t help. Wave after wave of …

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Foods of Halloween

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Halloween is one of my favourite yearly rituals, and it is becoming more and more popular around the world. Halloween comes with some interesting food traditions, including bobbing for apples, which dates all the way back to the Roman conquest of Britain. The activity honored the goddess Pamona, a fertility Goddess. According to legend, the first person to bite and …