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Salmon in the city

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Still Creek meanders through Burnaby and the eastern edge of Vancouver, and isn’t exactly going to inspire any romantic poets anytime soon. It is a scrappy creek, disappearing in and out of culverts, channelized, buried, and surrounded by blackberry vines. However, as only one of a very few waterways remaining in the city, groups have been pouring labour into the …

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Vat meat: A new era in food production

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On August fifth, 2013, roughly fifty million hamburgers will be eaten world-wide, but one of those burgers will mark a major milestone in agricultural science. For that one burger, which has cost almost a half a million dollars to bring to fruition, will be grown in a vat. I have been following the work of the New Harvest initiative for …

Maple syrup requiem

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I love Canadian food, and I am hugely privileged to study our country’s culinary culture. However lately climate change has been keeping me up at night; as if melting ice, crazy weather, and scorching heat wasn’t enough, climate change could seriously disrupt Canada’s food production and culinary identity. Simon Fraser University’s Adaptation to Climate change Team has just released a …

Making black Friday green Friday

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Today I am going to buck the trend of Canadian involvement in America’s “Black Friday” by buying nothing. Now it might seem strange for a foodie to be beating the anti-consumerist drum, and anyone who has seen my kitchen knows I don’t exactly lead a Spartan life, but I think that it is long past time we seriously question whether …

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Urban stream restoration and the pigeon paradox

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Now that it has stopped raining again I am back to enjoying the wonderful landscape of Vancouver, and I had the chance to stop in and see how the wonderful stream daylighting project at Spanish Banks Creek is changing over time. It is a lovely place to find oneself on a nice summer day, though it really comes into its …