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The Garret

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Prohibition came with it a lot of negatives; crime, poor quality alcohol, the ruination of a lot of excellent legal brewers and distillers, for example. But the image of prohibition drinking, particularly in the hidden speakeasies of the time, is romantic. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cocktail in a cozy space off of the beaten track? Even bathtubs full …

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Ice Wine

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I recently received a teeny little bottle of ice wine in a gift basket, and it left me thinking about how very Canadian icewine seems, even though it is a borrowed culinary product. How did Canada become the icewine capital of the world? Well, icewine definitely pairs well with the Canadian psyche. As the Quebec folksong says, “Mon pays, ce …

Regional mass market products: Pineapple Crush

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One of the strange oddities of the modern world is the way in which giant global corporations market certain products only in specific regional enclaves. I’ve met many a Canadian who pops across the border to pick up a beloved “only in America” brand, and Canada is dotted with stores reselling British brands, Japanese brands, and just about anything else …

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Small batch cider

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Canada is in the middle of a craft alcohol revolution. Across the country people are distilling great spirits, pushing forward with interesting wines and beers, and even growing the raw materials, such as hops. However cider is just starting to appear on the radar in Canada. Cider has a bad reputation in this county as a bulk soft drink style …

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Fruit wines, and the changing face of farming

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I’m happy to announce and publicize the launch of Modern Agriculture Magazine, a new initiative out of our own Fraser Valley that features, among other things, an article on fruit wines written by me. But what is really interesting about this new magazine, my take on fruit wines aside, is that it presents the changing face of farming; many of …

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Casse-croûte files: Wilensky’s

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I love a good casse-croûte, which sort of translates as “quick snack”, though that doesn’t quite capture this wonderful Quebec institution, which is all but unknown outside of the province. These small snack bars come in all shapes and sizes, and are deeply associated with Quebec’s great gift to late night food, poutine. I was lucky enough to get taken …

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Exotic coffee by the sea

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I love coffee, and judging from the number of coffee shops in the city, most of Vancouver does as well. On most mornings our household starts off with a few bodums of French press coffee, made with freshly ground beans and water just a little cooler than boiling. I also love exploring Vancouver’s ever changing array of coffee shops, which …

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On the trail of the Sazerac

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I’ve been away from my blog as I’ve been on the road, traveling to New Orleans, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. One of the things I love about traveling is the experience of exploring other local foodways, and all three of these cities are rich in interesting culinary history and innovation. New Orleans is a particularly wondrous city for a …

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The 2013 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

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The weather is cool and rainy these days, leaving plenty of room on the seawall for afternoon strolls and setting the perfect backdrop for a cup of hot chocolate. For a few more days the city’s chocolate experts are offering their best for the 2013 Hot Chocolate Festival. This event takes place all over the city, giving everyone the perfect …