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Michigan dogs

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So much of food culture is fluffed and polished to present a nation or region in its best light. Fast food, on the other hand, reveals our animal hind-brain’s darkest secrets. We eat fast food when we are drunk, when we are tired, when we are rushed. Fast food, in all its fatty, salty goodness, reveals us as we are, …

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Pouding chômeur

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I was recently in Quebec city to explore the changing face of Quebec’s cuisine, and though I ate some wonderful fancy dishes there, I was reminded again how wonderful the snack food is in Quebec. Who can say no to treats such as poutine and steamies? I also managed to sample several of my favourite desserts, including the lovely pouding …

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I took a break from writing over the holiday, but not from eating. The holiday season inspires a certain air of abandon when it comes to food; after all, many Christmas dishes appear only once a year. One of my guilty Christmas pleasures is fruitcake, the much derided but surprisingly venerable holiday treat. And proper fruitcake is one of the …

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The Canadian Food Experience Project: Blackberry crisp

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October’s Canadian Food Experience Project challenged us to write about preserves; Canada’s foodways are of course deeply seasonal, and preservation of all types has played a major part in our culinary identity. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in drying, smoking and canning, and my family certainly does all of these things; however for at least half a …

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Casse-croûte files: Wilensky’s

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I love a good casse-croûte, which sort of translates as “quick snack”, though that doesn’t quite capture this wonderful Quebec institution, which is all but unknown outside of the province. These small snack bars come in all shapes and sizes, and are deeply associated with Quebec’s great gift to late night food, poutine. I was lucky enough to get taken …

The Canadian Food Experience Project: Salmon Tails

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I’m taking part in The Canadian Food Experience Project, which challenges bloggers to post each month about a Canadian culinary topic. This month the focus is on cherished Canadian recipes, which is a hard topic; Canadian cuisine in general focuses on ingredients over preparations, and so there aren’t a lot of truly Canadian recipes. However those that do exist are …

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Newfoundland poutine

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Last night we braved the crowds to watch the first evening of the 2013 Celebration of Light. My approach to viewing the Vancouver fireworks involves checking the tide tables, sauntering down twenty minutes before the show, and then climbing out onto a nice rock on the edge of Stanley Park, a spot that is somehow never very busy. The tide …

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Origin myths and Mongolian BBQ

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This a great time of year for wandering the city’s streets and beaches, and one of my favourite quick stops on the go is the Mongolie Grill BBQ restaurants that dot the city. What is interesting about these restaurants is that they are neither Mongolian nor particularly BBQ, but Vancouver has a love affair with the format. Many years ago …

Maple syrup requiem

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I love Canadian food, and I am hugely privileged to study our country’s culinary culture. However lately climate change has been keeping me up at night; as if melting ice, crazy weather, and scorching heat wasn’t enough, climate change could seriously disrupt Canada’s food production and culinary identity. Simon Fraser University’s Adaptation to Climate change Team has just released a …