The Garret

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Prohibition came with it a lot of negatives; crime, poor quality alcohol, the ruination of a lot of excellent legal brewers and distillers, for example. But the image of prohibition drinking, particularly in the hidden speakeasies of the time, is romantic. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cocktail in a cozy space off of the beaten track? Even bathtubs full of gin sound intriguing. New York is a great place to the ongoing revolution in cocktail culture and the legality of high quality spirits, and a good time is pretty much assured. I’ve been sampling my way around New York’s “speakeasy style” bar spaces, where excellent craft cocktails are presented in rooms that harken back to prohibition times. In reality, New York’s coveted and expensive retail spaces include hard to access rooms that lend themselves well to hidden bars, but one can sip away in the fantasy of illicit consumption. One of my favourite so far, both in ambiance and quality of cocktail, is The Garret, a cozy yet lively bar that is accessed through a Five Guys burger restaurant. These bars aren’t exactly secret, but you do need to have an idea that they are there in order to find them. So if it has been too long since you’ve gotten tipsy in an attic, basement, or back room, ask around. Bottom’s up!


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