Regional mass market products: Pineapple Crush

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One of the strange oddities of the modern world is the way in which giant global corporations market certain products only in specific regional enclaves. I’ve met many a Canadian who pops across the border to pick up a beloved “only in America” brand, and Canada is dotted with stores reselling British brands, Japanese brands, and just about anything else an expat could pine for. But there are a few cases were certain flavours and sub-brands are only available in Canada, and one of the oddest of those is Pineapple Crush soda, which is available in Newfoundland, to a lesser degree in the Maritimes, and also in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The odd thing is pineapple crush isn’t just available, it totally dominates the soda market in Newfoundland, and is available at every canteen and vending machine.

 pineapple crushI’m not exactly sure why Pineapple Crush is so popular in Newfoundland, but I did find it rather refreshing, in a pineapple sort of way. And when mixed with rum, it is called a “Humphy Dumphy”. I am told there is also a Birch Beer Crush available in Newfoundland as well. If anyone knows when and why these beverages found a home on Canada’s far Eastern shore, let me know.

 On a related note, I became very fond of Bitter Lemon Soda, which is sold only in the low countries of Europe. I found recently that J N & Z deli on Commercial Drive imports it, so I have been enjoying some lovely Gin and Bitter Lemon’s. I suppose we all like diversity, even in our mass-marketed products.


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