Small batch cider

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Canada is in the middle of a craft alcohol revolution. Across the country people are distilling great spirits, pushing forward with interesting wines and beers, and even growing the raw materials, such as hops. However cider is just starting to appear on the radar in Canada. Cider has a bad reputation in this county as a bulk soft drink style alcohol, best used for getting very drunk very fast. Good cider is a serious persuit in the UK, however; most pubs have a cider on tap, offering careful blends of apples chosen to create a good balance of sweetness and body.

I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of cider made by a budding young cider maker, Denver Nixon. Made with local cider apples blended with a few heirloom varieties, this was a fairly sweet and gentle cider. We drank it from coupe glasses to allow the scent to fill the room. It isn’t a commercial product yet, but I have high hopes that finely crafted ciders such as this will continue to raise Canada’s reputation as a country of fine alcohol. For a taste of a good local cider that is available in stores, I quite like Sea Cider of Saanichton.


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