The fight for the Agricultural Land Reserve is the fight for the region

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While Canada was busy watching the antics of Rob Ford, the BC Liberals were busy floating plans to take an ax to one of our most important pieces of land use legislation: the Agricultural Land Reserve. I wrote an opinion piece for the Vancouver Sun, which can be found at this link. Now some people might wonder why I am taking such a hard line; well, I love farms, I love local food, but on a bigger scale, the truth is we just don’t have much land to lose in the Lower Mainland. If the ALR was to vanish, in no more than 20 years the valley would be completely built up, from Hope to the ocean. Sounds unreasonable? Well, if one adds together the area of the GVRD and the giant Fraser Valley Regional District, it comes out to 16,000 square kilometers, but only 2500 of that is actually flat land for farming and building. The truth is we are surrounded by incredible mountains, which are beautiful, but occupy as muct as 5/6th of our region. That 2500 square kilometers remaining might sound big, but Greater Toronto is 7000, and Hong Kong, on of the world’s great dense cities, is 1000. So we really don’t have much land to work with. If we maintain the ALR, we will at least have some food, and some breathing room.


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