Fruit wines, and the changing face of farming

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I’m happy to announce and publicize the launch of Modern Agriculture Magazine, a new initiative out of our own Fraser Valley that features, among other things, an article on fruit wines written by me. But what is really interesting about this new magazine, my take on fruit wines aside, is that it presents the changing face of farming; many of the writers are younger, directly involved with production, and very open to new technologies and new ways of doing things.

This is a fairly industrial take on farming; big technology often translates into big business and big risk. However small scale cottage farming alone won’t feed the future; we must let tradition and technology work together, and I like to think initiatives such as this one can help bridge the different elements of the industry. From grow lights to culinary tourism, farming is moving forward. One of our past students at UFV is a major part of this new initiative, and it makes me very happy to see him applying his knowledge to the family farm and to the industry in general.

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