Pi(e) Day

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March 14th is Pi day, as the date matches the first three digits of the mathematical constant Pi: 3.14. As someone who once studied physics, and someone who loves pie the dessert, Pi day is a great excuse to have a sugary snack. So I headed to Granville Island to visit À La Mode, one of my favourite Vancouver pie spots.

I’m not the only one. Pi day was begun by Larry Shaw, a physicist working at the San Francisco Exploratorium, in 1988. People enjoyed their favourite pies, while chatting about Pi. MIT now releases its decisions to applicants on Pi day.

I contemplate the rain while enjoying pi day

I contemplate the rain while enjoying pi day

As Canadians we should partake in this tasty and cerebral celebration. Pie is found right across Canada, and in many region is the signature dessert. In Quebec, one could enjoy a tourtière and then a nice slice of tarte au sucre for twice the pie. Here in BC blueberry pie is very popular, though I do still have extremely fond memories of White Spot’s hot apple pie with warm cinnamon sauce. So happy Pi day, no matter what flavour is your favourite.

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