Late night at the Rio

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I love movies. Sure, I watch most of them at home now, but I have fond memories of the days when I would see three or four movies a week at Toronto’s rep cinemas, usually for no more than three or four dollars each. Aside from the fact that I lived in an 80 foot room in a student-filled house with no insulation and creek running through the basement, I just plain liked the experience of seeing a movie with a bunch of friends or even a bunch of strangers. Toronto was my living room, and the folks at the rep theatres were my roommates.

I am always thrilled to revisit the world of the small theatre with a trip to the Rio on Broadway, particularly given their new late night showings complete with bar service. After their long tussle with BC’s medieval liquor laws it was sweet celebration to sit back with a drink and watch one of my favourite goth horror flicks, Repo: The Genetic Opera. I chose a Pinot Gris, as it paired nicely with the popcorn. And somehow, the crowd wasn’t driven to frenzy by alcohol and film in the same spot. We played along with the host’s calls for audience participation (the hosts did an amazing job of dressing up as the twin bodyguards in the film), and really we were only slightly more boisterous than the usual level of Vancouver total disengagement. A good time was had. We stayed out past two in the morning. The world didn’t end.

So in short I encourage everyone to go to the Rio and take in a drink and a movie, and enjoy the experience of making the city your living room. And BC, can we please see liquor laws brought into the 21st century?

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