Bidgood’s: Temple of Newfoundland cuisine

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I love visiting grocery stores that feature the foods of other cultures; I love the strange smells, the exotic spices, the unusual fruits and vegetables. I sometimes wonder what a store specializing in Canadian cuisine might look like, and what treats might hide on its shelves.

In the specific case of Newfoundland cuisine, however, I no longer have to wonder. On my research trip I was lucky enough to go to Bidgood’s, a fifty year old family business specializing in all elements of Newfoundland’s traditional foods. The current store is in a quiet and unremarkable strip mall on the edge of St John’s, and the following photos explore some of the wonders I found on the shelves.

Bidgood’s: This unassuming storefront hides all sorts of exciting foods

Moose or flipper? Life is full of difficult choices

As packaged foods go, this Jigg’s dinner looks really good.

I finished my picnic with a blueberry flip

Why so much savory? That is the topic of a future blog post!

They also had a wonderful fish selection, including cod tongues, cheeks, and all of the pork scrunchions one could need. I picked up a few picnic items; too bad they don’t have a BC branch for the next time I get a Brewis craving.

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