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Lamington Cake

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I’ve been encountering all sorts of interesting foods on my research trip to the UK, and this morning I decided to try one that has been cropping up on my path quite regularly: Lamington cake. What is interesting about this cake is that it isn’t from the UK at all, but is instead Australian in origin. A Lamington cake consists …

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Local Yu Choy

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One of lesser known gems of Vancouver’s excellent culinary scene is the availability of fresh local Asian vegetables. We are one of the only cities in North America where a wide diversity of crops from East Asia are grown, creating a source of delicate greens to enjoy. Sadly many of these wonderful vegetables don’t make it to our local farmers’ …

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What’s Up? Hot Dog!

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The hot and sultry weather has banished the usual Vancouver evening chill, sending us out of our stuffy rooms to prowl the night. One of these walks took us past What’s Up? Hot Dog! on Hastings, and we decided to indulge in the great hot dog trend. Hot dogs are having a moment on the West Coast these days, perhaps …

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Maple-fried porridge

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It is easy to overlook grains when studying cuisine. Even though the Prairie Provinces are blanketed in wheat, oats, barley, and the like, it isn’t always easy to find foods that celebrate these everyday ingredients. The common oat gets little attention in the professional kitchen, making the appearance of maple-fried porridge on a smattering of menus a welcome twist on …

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Welcome to the new Sand and Feathers

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I haven’t been blogging very often over the last year, as I was finishing my first book, Speaking in Cod Tongues: Understanding Canadian Cuisine. Now that the book has been sent to the press, I’m ready to get back to writing about anything urban, edible, or strange that crosses my path. The hiatus also was put to good use: I …

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Saskatoon berries

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The prairie regions of Canada aren’t as well known for their foods as the coastal and central regions of the country, but one food that most people have heard about is the Saskatoon berry. With the shape of a blueberry and a rich purple colour, the Saskatoon at its best is rich and almost nutty in flavour. When slightly less …

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Summer food fact: Ice cream sandwiches should melt

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I love summer, and I love enjoying some of the special foods that are best when the weather outside is at its hottest. Ice cream has been fueling fun summer food memories for generations now, and is such a lovely trick of chemistry, cream and air combining to make something smooth and ethereal. I was particularly fond of ice cream …

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Toronto roti, Vancouver style

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I lived in Toronto for seven years, and there are things about Canada’s largest city I still miss. Simple things, like the sound of the streetcar wires on a cold morning, or the way the thunderstorms lash the old brick buildings with cooling rain on baking summer days. I miss the Herculattes at Moonbeans coffee in Kensington Market, and I …