Book Launch

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After many years of research, writing, editing, and more editing, I am very excited to announce the upcoming launch of my book, Speaking in Cod Tongues: A Canadian Culinary Journey. The book launch will be held on Thursday, January 12th at the University of British Columbia. Presented by the UBC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, the launch will begin with …

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ALR Loss: The Story so Far

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I recently published a paper with Dr. Denver Nixon of Oxford University that gives a sweeping overview of ALR protection in our corner of the world over the last four decades. The full paper is available in Land Use Policy, but as academic papers are notoriously hard for non-academics to access, I decided a short summary was in order. This …

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The Garret

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Prohibition came with it a lot of negatives; crime, poor quality alcohol, the ruination of a lot of excellent legal brewers and distillers, for example. But the image of prohibition drinking, particularly in the hidden speakeasies of the time, is romantic. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cocktail in a cozy space off of the beaten track? Even bathtubs full …

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Lower East Side Pickle Day

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I’m spending most of the fall in New York this year, and one of the benefits is the chance to experience different foods and culinary events. The Lower East Side Pickle Day allowed me to combine my love of all things fermented and my love of urban geography into one fun event. Pickling was a key food preservation technique for …

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The joy of culinary bookstores: The Good Egg

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I was recently in Toronto, and as part of a little food crawl through Kensington Market, I had the good fortune to pop into The Good Egg, one of Canada’s handful of culinary bookstores. Though online shopping has hit brick and mortar bookstores very hard, there is nothing quite like browsing through shelf after shelf of culinary writing and cookbooks. …

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Battenberg Cake

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I was browsing pictures of cakes today (hey, it’s raining) and I saw a photo of an old friend: the Battenberg Cake. This visually striking cake is made of sponge cake slices arranged into a pink and white checker pattern, and then wrapped in marzipan. In the UK the cake is held together with jam, but the version I’m most …

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Agriculture and Health

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Want to be healthy? Live near healthy food! Sometimes, it’s hard to have a healthy diet. You might be stuck in an airport, or in a part of town with lots of fast food. Here in BC we are blessed with abundant productive farmland, and can buy fresh healthy food at the grocery store, at the farm stand, and at …

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Ice Wine

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I recently received a teeny little bottle of ice wine in a gift basket, and it left me thinking about how very Canadian icewine seems, even though it is a borrowed culinary product. How did Canada become the icewine capital of the world? Well, icewine definitely pairs well with the Canadian psyche. As the Quebec folksong says, “Mon pays, ce …

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Lamington Cake

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I’ve been encountering all sorts of interesting foods on my research trip to the UK, and this morning I decided to try one that has been cropping up on my path quite regularly: Lamington cake. What is interesting about this cake is that it isn’t from the UK at all, but is instead Australian in origin. A Lamington cake consists …

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Local Yu Choy

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One of lesser known gems of Vancouver’s excellent culinary scene is the availability of fresh local Asian vegetables. We are one of the only cities in North America where a wide diversity of crops from East Asia are grown, creating a source of delicate greens to enjoy. Sadly many of these wonderful vegetables don’t make it to our local farmers’ …